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What is this place?

Until recently, there was the usual hosting placeholder here. The truth is, I'm no web designer, so that's why I've taken so long to replace that page with this one. Basically, this site serves as a dumping ground for my text and image-based thoughts. You're here due mainly to curiosity. Right?

I've pressed this bit of the web into service chiefly due to the crappy limitations of Twitter. It's kind of a shame that people don't use sites like Livejournal anymore, and Twitter (combined with picture and text services) has arbitrary limits on what I can post there and have it be reasonable on Twitter, so here we are, playing the "click that URL" game. Hopefully, this bit of the web doesn't make that game more frustrating than it already is.

What "crappy" limitations?

Two major limitations: auto-reduction in image size, and the inability for me to control what goes into the tweet when I want to "tweet" longer than 140 280. (That second one has been superseded by Mastodon.)

When it comes to images, I don't get a good feeling when I post through Twitter's image service, or even a third-party service (if Twitter allows those to exist). Specifically, I can never be guaranteed a decent resolution to viewers of my image, so I've uploaded those images whose resolution I care about here.

There was some ranting about twitter here, but thank goodness it's all been obviated by the existence of Mastodon.

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